Meal Thirty-Nine – Green Salad

Cost – £ 2.20

Please enjoy this special video review that was made just for this. I felt vegetarians would appreciate the ‘zen’ a bit more.

I apologise for the sound, which came out a bit crappy. I have no excuse.


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With a value score of 6/10

Meal Thirty Eight – Vege Munch Box Meal

Cost – £3.40

Coming from the long standing line of vegetarian dishes at Munch Munch, the Vege Munch Box could be argued to be the most varied out of the lot. Coming in with one of the most ‘complete’ meals in Munch Munch flat-out, the Vege Munch box includes two vegetable samosa’s, two spring rolls (reviewed before), wedges with fries and drink. It’s a really varied and large meal that will leave one full by the end.

The Vege Munch Box is large and filling.

Let’s start with the negatives. The spring rolls are no better here then they were before, including the same ingredients. Looking back in retrospective, all of the vegetarian meals seem to have the same base, with the vegetarian base of vegetables and potato stored within their respective meal. Being very thin and a lack of taste within the spring roll. Like everything at Munch, the spring roll also includes a nice punch of spice, which is very much the only redeeming feature of the spring roll.

The one of many pieces that can be found.

However, the negatives are very few. Going back to the discussion of the ‘vegetarian base’, the samosa’s very much have the same base as the spring roll. However with the hard texture and large size of the samosa, the vegetable base gets an extra layer of depth, making the samosa tastes great. With the larger size comes extra spice as well, and the ingredients fit hugely well within the inside of the hard and stable samosa unlike that for example the vegetable wrap and burger, which cannot seem to withstand the potato starch of the meal, making their retrospective meal’s a bit wet and sloppy.

The inside of the samosa, which is wonderfully full of taste and food.

The wedges are a huge surprise and I personally wish that they were included with the normal menu’s and not to be restricted to one meal. The wedges themselves are good, and are a similar size to one could probably buy at your local supermarket. When combined with the meal overall, it adds the icing to the top of the meal and adds really well to the overall spice of the meal and is a great compliment to the fries. It’s such a huge shame that the wedges and fries are not combined in more meals.

It’s a great box with a great variety that overall, should appeal to most vegetarians that want to eat at Munch Munch. It’s a great service and great representation of what Munch Munch can do for vegetarians like for us meat lovers and is only brought down slightly by the spring rolls.

As a wise woman once said – “I believe equal rights is a necessity of life for all citizens.”

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With a value score of 10/10