Meal Fourty – Chicken Caesar Salad

Cost – £3.40

Following the last week disastrous meal that was the Green Salad, the only improvement that could have followed was to add some meat to the overall meal. In fact, one of the commentators (Hi Pippa!) on this blog did very much state what is my number one rule in life (before I have a life crisis and become a vegetarian – “no meat, no win.”

Because last’s week review was intentionally very vague, I’ll just run through a brief on the salad, which was roughly covered last week. It’s very average, that is highly reminiscent of cheap kebab salads, and is the same you’ll find in any other meal in Munch Munch that produce salads. It’s not Munch Munch’s best meal and is arguably the worst meal, and is the reason why last week’s review is rated one of the lowest. The salad by itself, is not great but the dressing is great.

There’s a lot to be had and eaten with the Chicken Caesar Salad.

However, the dressing combined with the chicken itself from this week makes a great meal. The strips, serving as the ‘Chicken’ in the ‘Chicken Caesar Salad’, tastes great in combination with the salad and the dressing, with the strips once again oozing pure quality and taste. I’m honestly not familiar with salad dressings (the hell I am) but within last week’s meal, it does make the disastrous tasting salad a bit more bearable. It’s probably something to do with the word ‘Caesar’ in the title – Caesar dressing? The two go so well together, and does bring a new light to the strips (a fan and author favourite!) which always taste great and used creatively. The salad goes surprisingly well with the strips, and should you want to go for something that you feel is ‘healthy’ (that actually isn’t probably) then the Chicken Salad feels good. The only big disadvantage is the poor tasting salad, which isn’t great at all – the chicken masks this factor quite heavily.

The chicken, which are strips chopped up, tastes great.

Perhaps the most enlightening factor about the Chicken Caesar Salad is the sheer amount that you get for your money. There’s a lot here, with the bottom layer containing salad, and the top filled with chopped strips that cover from one side to another of the casing of the food. There is probably about three strips within the actual container, and is guaranteed to fill you up.

As a wise man once said – “The person who plants the lettuce does not eat the salad.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 8/10