Meal Fourty-Three – Mega Chicken Twista Wrap Meal

Cost – £3.70

As a guy who used to eat a lot of the Munch Munch special £2 wrap meals and surrounded by people who love the wrap in a sort of cult following, I think it’s safe to say that we all enjoyed the wraps in the beginning but has noticed it has dropped in a significant amount in regards to quality. Wraps became a bit more sloppy and less fully-featured. Coming in with a great blend of chicken, lettuce and mayonnaise these features became less beautifully crafted as it became more popular.

With this in mind, I anticipated this meal highly with the idea that the wrap itself would be the ones found in the £2 wrap meal, but with fries and a drink included. However, much to my delight, I was proved wrong.

There’s a lot to the Mega Chicken Twista Wrap.

The Mega Chicken Twista Wrap itself is a bit more fully featured then that of it’s £2 wrap cousin in the form of what is in the title, more (mega) ingredients. The Mega Chicken Twista Wrap itself is whole, filled with ingredients and feels great to hold. What stands this wrap apart from the £2 wrap is that there’s more ingredients within the wrap, but also a hash brown to accompany the food. I’m not a huge fan of mushy hash brown but however Munch Munch have cornered this dispute, chopping in a full hash brown to smaller pieces, retaining the same crunch and same flavour as found with an original hash brown. This, accompanied by the fine ingredients that also come bursting into the wrap – the great chicken which is derivative from the amazing strips of chicken that we all love Munch for, the great tasting lettuce as well as fresh mayonnaise, all combine into a final combination that is hard not to love. It is indeed better then it’s £2 cousin, and it only annoys me that this quality of wrap isn’t common-place in the £2 wrap meal, as this may be one of the first things that Munch Munch newcomers may try. I find that this wrap is slightly too expensive, and I wish it was slightly cheaper, however.

A wholesome wrap.

Overall, if you’re like me and feel that Munch Munch have lost their voodoo on wraps, I’d highly recommend you try the Mega Chicken Twista Wrap. It should show you that indeed, Munch Munch have still got it when it comes to cornering the market of chicken wraps.

As a wise man once said – “A man surprised is half-beaten.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 7/10

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