For Children In Need!

Hey all! Since I have some final confirmation regarding the nugget challenge, I’d thought I’d use this time to try and get some more donations for Children In Need as two people attempt the fabled “one hundred chicken nuggets in one hundred minutes” challenge.

Money can be donated to Munch Munch directly, or over at Speekeasy, a new pub in Leicester City Centre.

It will be happening this weekend at Munch Munch and it’ll be the most exciting thing you’ll ever see! We’ll definitely have some form of media for you guys to make up for all the content that is missing. Below you’ll find the Munch staff and handsome dudes getting very excited for the challenge, as well as a very roughly thrown video of an interview with a doctor conducted by myself. (You’ll also hear a main theme tune, which a very small percentage was actually recorded in Abbey Road Studios!)

True hunks.

An interview with Doctor Voodoo, PhD.

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