Features are pieces produced by Tom or others that do not relate to the Munch Commitment but still relate about Munch Munch to a certain degree. These can be seen linked below, from most recent appearing on the top.

Feature – An open letter to Burger King (and why you are failing in today’s market) – Click here!

Feature – One Hundred Chicken Nuggets in One Hundred Minutes Challenge – Click here!

Video Review – Meal Thirty One – Click here!

The Milkshake Commitment – Click here!

Munch Munch and Loyalty – Click here!

Video Advertisement – Billy Joel and a story of a lecturer – Click here!

Credit Crunch? Get a £2 Munch! – Click here!

Video –  Birch eating the Variety Munch – Click here!

Video – Munch Munch VS Maryland Chicken Rap Battle – Click here!

Video – Munch Munch Goes With Everything – Click here!

A Moonlight Sonata – Click here!

Video advertisement – ‘MC Keep Safe here with a word!’ – Click here!

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