An Update!

Sorry, I’ve been a bit bad with the Munch Commitment updates really.

Now, I could answer with loads of really poor excuses on why a post did not formulate from mind to paper but there is none, mainly because I didn’t (and still don’t) really know how to end a chicken blog. However, as I have recently just arrived back in Leicester from a what can only be described as a event packed summer, I felt now then ever is a perfect time to write. Therefore, I have handily decided to discuss broadly about two things. They are –

  1. Special Thanks
  2. Future Plans

I’m actually going to talk about future plans first because backspacing and changing the ordering is just too much effort.

                    FUTURE PLANS!!

THE MUNCH COMMITMENT BLOG WILL NOT DIE (just yet!). While I have no plans (oh god no) to ever do the commitment again and spend a stupid amount of money on takeaway, (more on this later) I still want to maintain the blog for my own sanity and an excuse to brush up on writing. I’d really like to thank you guys for joining me on this ride, you guys are awesome for the fact that you’re reading some chicken blog on the internet. We can totally be best friends.

I feel the right vision for the blog isn’t to just change it to some blog for plugs for other awesome places in Leicester – and there are loads to be honest – but to keep things Munch related. For example, I (or another other) could write about special meals going on at Munch, or tie Munch to awesome things that you should also be checking out if you’re in town.

For example, next’s week feature is called “The Munch Combination”, on where I and hopefully others who I can coherse and force to write stuff will write about the main theory of: “What goes well with Munch?”. This could be anything, from a beer to after a night out at Sophbeck. I would love if you guys will continue on this journey with me.

                        Sophbeck’s Finest!

Special Thanks

I made a column for this one to really show how sincere and serious I am regarding this.

Thanks to everyone that made The Munch Commitment exist in it’s present state. There are far too many to name, and that includes you, my wonderful illustrative fan. I love you.

A huge shoutout to many people that graduated last year who are unfortunately not here at the moment, which really fucking bums me out. Slightly afraid what I’ll write here because it’s going to sound fluffy, but goddamn. You guys are the best. It’s not the same and while the people remain are great too, doing a large amount of insane stuff on a weekly basis is something I’ll miss. Now I’ll have to do things like ‘clubbing’ and ‘taking pictures of drinking games using Instagram’ to have fun. Great. (not.)

However, it’ll probably save me money in the long run and really help me in the ‘Fry’ initative that is ‘Sort out your life’ – in where multiple people try to sort out their lives, which can include you too if you need to. For some odd reason I decided it’d be a good idea to go to the gym after last year’s awful diet and spending a ridiculous amount on takeaway. I’m slightly broke because of it.

Anyway I love you all and remember, The Munch Commitment is not over but certainly a bit less frequent. Also, let’s go out for lunch.


Meal Fourty-Four – Crunchy Munch Chicken Rice Meal

Cost – £3.80

Being the final (anti-climatic, I know) meal of the Munch Commitment, it was only fitting to have something that reminded me of home, a rice meal. The old idea that “mother cooks best” rings true with this son, and I certainly do believe that when it comes to my own mother. (I wouldn’t tell her that though, as her ego would shoot off our working-class roof, and we all know that working-class people can’t afford roofs)

In retrospect, Munch Munch has always welcomed me to the family like a mother would, and many of Munch Munch’s meals do taste fantastic. The Crunchy Munch Chicken Rice Meal in first glance, smells fantastic, hosting rice, chopped strips of chicken and salad – all served on a dish of tupperware complete with a drink of your choice. Perhaps what is surprising is that the rice itself is a sort of orange colour which is not to say it’s poisonous, but instead spicy. Like every meal in Munch Munch, the rice is no expection to the rule of spice. What I find the most important in rice is the texture, poor texture of rice (for example, too mushy) means that the rice is not cooked properly which is possible if you’re a noob in cooking rice like me. I’m not the best role-model when it comes to being an Asian. Fortunately for Munch Munch, they do have an expert in rice (probably Uncle Ben) as the rice itself feels fine, with the right care and detail taken into the rice and surprisingly the spice and it’s orange colour blend in nicely with the rice, not making it soggy. The spice however, whilst making the overall odour of the meal smell great, can be largely overwhelming after so many “bites” of the rice – making the salad and the chicken’s taste nullified. It’s large quantity also does not help this factor overall, but the first several bites of the crunchy munch chicken rice will taste great.

The fragrance of the Crunchy Munch Chicken Rice is like a pretty lady.

The chicken and the salad come largely what you expect from past meals that involve the salad and chopped strips of chicken. The chicken strips taste great, and make a great compliment to the rice and the salad. The chicken here is also spicy, which doesn’t help how overwhelming the rice’s spice is – but is deep with a fresh, juicy taste which thankfully, the Munch Munch team have not comprised in terms of quality and quantity. The salad by itself is woefully medicore, but however do compliment the overall meal nicely and adds nicely to the three-way palette that is this meal. The salad does taste like something you would get out of a standard kebab store, and let’s just hope Munch Munch improves on this standard, on where it can on so many other levels.

There’s a lot to experience here.

It’s an enjoyable meal to have that is very, very different then Munch Munch’s other offerings. It is also one of the better value meals within the chicken branch, as the meal itself will leave you full, and not hungry for more (but probably on a later date). The only real let-down is the sheer overwhelming spice of it and the very mediocre quality of the salad, but if you’re looking for something different or want to go wildly experimental with your next Munch Munch visit, then the Crunchy Munch Chicken Rice Meal will do you fine and is a great value for money.

As a wise man once said – “The way you cut your meat reflects the way you live.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 10/10

Meal Fourty-Three – Mega Chicken Twista Wrap Meal

Cost – £3.70

As a guy who used to eat a lot of the Munch Munch special £2 wrap meals and surrounded by people who love the wrap in a sort of cult following, I think it’s safe to say that we all enjoyed the wraps in the beginning but has noticed it has dropped in a significant amount in regards to quality. Wraps became a bit more sloppy and less fully-featured. Coming in with a great blend of chicken, lettuce and mayonnaise these features became less beautifully crafted as it became more popular.

With this in mind, I anticipated this meal highly with the idea that the wrap itself would be the ones found in the £2 wrap meal, but with fries and a drink included. However, much to my delight, I was proved wrong.

There’s a lot to the Mega Chicken Twista Wrap.

The Mega Chicken Twista Wrap itself is a bit more fully featured then that of it’s £2 wrap cousin in the form of what is in the title, more (mega) ingredients. The Mega Chicken Twista Wrap itself is whole, filled with ingredients and feels great to hold. What stands this wrap apart from the £2 wrap is that there’s more ingredients within the wrap, but also a hash brown to accompany the food. I’m not a huge fan of mushy hash brown but however Munch Munch have cornered this dispute, chopping in a full hash brown to smaller pieces, retaining the same crunch and same flavour as found with an original hash brown. This, accompanied by the fine ingredients that also come bursting into the wrap – the great chicken which is derivative from the amazing strips of chicken that we all love Munch for, the great tasting lettuce as well as fresh mayonnaise, all combine into a final combination that is hard not to love. It is indeed better then it’s £2 cousin, and it only annoys me that this quality of wrap isn’t common-place in the £2 wrap meal, as this may be one of the first things that Munch Munch newcomers may try. I find that this wrap is slightly too expensive, and I wish it was slightly cheaper, however.

A wholesome wrap.

Overall, if you’re like me and feel that Munch Munch have lost their voodoo on wraps, I’d highly recommend you try the Mega Chicken Twista Wrap. It should show you that indeed, Munch Munch have still got it when it comes to cornering the market of chicken wraps.

As a wise man once said – “A man surprised is half-beaten.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 7/10

Week Fourty-Two – Munchy Taco Meal

Cost – £3.50

I approached this taco meal with anticipation. In retrospect, the vegetarian taco meal was no joke, with the taste of the overall meal being great with all the ingredients blending in to form something truly unique unlike any other meals at Munch Munch.

With the old adage, “no meat, no win” – one would highly assume that the meat brother of the vegetarian taco is superior then that of it’s vegetarian sister. However, this train of thought is wrong with the taco meal.

Before I start with the negatives, let’s discuss the actual meal itself. The taco meal itself comes with the chicken taco with fries and a drink – but the chicken taco is where the taco lets itself down, with two taco’s included. Inside these taco’s are just a singular full size strip, some salsa and some salad.

The lack of amount in this meal (which isn’t what Munch Munch is famous for) is questionable.

You may think, “hey wait!” after reading the strips review, where the strips are given a glowing review and if you’re a long time reader of the blog, the strips are always an added bonus to any meal. It’s odd to say the least, that the strips here, plus everything else is a downfall, considering all of these ingredients individually are pretty good.

It’s just an average meal but what bothers me the most is the fact that there’s very little thought and creativity given to the chicken taco meal. The strip is lazily thrown on, and given a bit of salad and salsa sauce to fill in the taco to make it feel complete. This kind of heartless thought process can be tasted within the food, with the taco meal tasting decisively average. There’s nothing fundamentally wrong about the chicken taco meal but however unlike the vegetarian meal, the ingredients really do not go well at all and it is very much a case of a chicken strip being thrown onto a taco, like you would do when you were younger in terms of experimenting with food. It just tastes very average. (wouldn’t it be funny to see what skittles would taste like with rice?)

Great parts doesn’t equal a great product.

It’s a shame, because the ingredients separately are wonderful, and taste great. However, this doesn’t mean by throwing them all together that it creates great tasting food. Do you really want vanilla yoghurt in your burger? Obviously no (unless you’re a nutcase) – but they both taste good separately. When combining this with the price (£3.50), you’re very much getting two chicken strips thrown into a taco with a bit of salad and salsa. You can get a three strip meal for 50p less, and a six strip meal for 50p more. Either way, you’re getting a much better meal of the two with more chicken involved. I’d highly recommend you stick with those, and I have no idea what or who the chicken taco meal is appealing to.

As a wise man once said – “The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 5/10

Week Fourty-One – Grilled Chicken Salad

Cost – £3.60

The Grilled Chicken Salad follows the same procedure from some of the vegetarian meals in the sense that the grilled chicken is unique to this meal. The chicken itself is surprisingly not strips, but just standard grilled chicken – topped with salad and salad dressing itself.

The real question here in fact is, is the grilled chicken actually any good? How does it rival compared to it’s brother, the Chicken Caesar Salad? I wouldn’t want to face Caesar myself.

The Grilled Chicken Salad in all of it’s glory. (no drink included)

In that respect, the Grilled Chicken itself tastes great. It tastes like a well cooked chicken from a BBQ, not too overdone but enough to taste the grill that manifests inside the actual chicken. It’s sweet and isn’t dry at all, making the chicken tasting even better then it has any right to.

What makes this chicken taste great and a better blend then that of it’s chicken caesar salad counterpart is not that the actual chicken itself tastes better then that of the chicken strips – it’s not – but is due to the grease factor. The grease is fundamentally less, allowing the dressing to further apply it’s taste. On top of this, the Grilled Chicken lends itself better to the idea of the salad, with the BBQ texture and taste blending in better with the dressing and the salad. It feels fundamentally right, which is something that the strips chopped up in the Chicken Caesar Salad does not lend itself too perfectly.

The grilled chicken lends itself tremendously to the dressing.

On top of this, there’s a lot to eat here like the Chicken Caesar Salad and the Grilled Chicken Salad also feels more healthy, which is probably what you’re looking for if you’re ordering a salad from a take-out chicken place. The only complaint I have is that the chicken itself is a bit dry and doesn’t taste as good as the strips if taken individually. It’s not hugely special, but the way it’s cooked does lend itself hugely to the final product. Remember however, that the salad unfortunately does not come with a drink, which lets it down slightly.

As a wise lady once said – “Never leave a fellow man thirsty.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value rating of 8/10

Meal Fourty – Chicken Caesar Salad

Cost – £3.40

Following the last week disastrous meal that was the Green Salad, the only improvement that could have followed was to add some meat to the overall meal. In fact, one of the commentators (Hi Pippa!) on this blog did very much state what is my number one rule in life (before I have a life crisis and become a vegetarian – “no meat, no win.”

Because last’s week review was intentionally very vague, I’ll just run through a brief on the salad, which was roughly covered last week. It’s very average, that is highly reminiscent of cheap kebab salads, and is the same you’ll find in any other meal in Munch Munch that produce salads. It’s not Munch Munch’s best meal and is arguably the worst meal, and is the reason why last week’s review is rated one of the lowest. The salad by itself, is not great but the dressing is great.

There’s a lot to be had and eaten with the Chicken Caesar Salad.

However, the dressing combined with the chicken itself from this week makes a great meal. The strips, serving as the ‘Chicken’ in the ‘Chicken Caesar Salad’, tastes great in combination with the salad and the dressing, with the strips once again oozing pure quality and taste. I’m honestly not familiar with salad dressings (the hell I am) but within last week’s meal, it does make the disastrous tasting salad a bit more bearable. It’s probably something to do with the word ‘Caesar’ in the title – Caesar dressing? The two go so well together, and does bring a new light to the strips (a fan and author favourite!) which always taste great and used creatively. The salad goes surprisingly well with the strips, and should you want to go for something that you feel is ‘healthy’ (that actually isn’t probably) then the Chicken Salad feels good. The only big disadvantage is the poor tasting salad, which isn’t great at all – the chicken masks this factor quite heavily.

The chicken, which are strips chopped up, tastes great.

Perhaps the most enlightening factor about the Chicken Caesar Salad is the sheer amount that you get for your money. There’s a lot here, with the bottom layer containing salad, and the top filled with chopped strips that cover from one side to another of the casing of the food. There is probably about three strips within the actual container, and is guaranteed to fill you up.

As a wise man once said – “The person who plants the lettuce does not eat the salad.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 8/10

Meal Thirty-Nine – Green Salad

Cost – £ 2.20

Please enjoy this special video review that was made just for this. I felt vegetarians would appreciate the ‘zen’ a bit more.

I apologise for the sound, which came out a bit crappy. I have no excuse.


Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 6/10

Meal Thirty Eight – Vege Munch Box Meal

Cost – £3.40

Coming from the long standing line of vegetarian dishes at Munch Munch, the Vege Munch Box could be argued to be the most varied out of the lot. Coming in with one of the most ‘complete’ meals in Munch Munch flat-out, the Vege Munch box includes two vegetable samosa’s, two spring rolls (reviewed before), wedges with fries and drink. It’s a really varied and large meal that will leave one full by the end.

The Vege Munch Box is large and filling.

Let’s start with the negatives. The spring rolls are no better here then they were before, including the same ingredients. Looking back in retrospective, all of the vegetarian meals seem to have the same base, with the vegetarian base of vegetables and potato stored within their respective meal. Being very thin and a lack of taste within the spring roll. Like everything at Munch, the spring roll also includes a nice punch of spice, which is very much the only redeeming feature of the spring roll.

The one of many pieces that can be found.

However, the negatives are very few. Going back to the discussion of the ‘vegetarian base’, the samosa’s very much have the same base as the spring roll. However with the hard texture and large size of the samosa, the vegetable base gets an extra layer of depth, making the samosa tastes great. With the larger size comes extra spice as well, and the ingredients fit hugely well within the inside of the hard and stable samosa unlike that for example the vegetable wrap and burger, which cannot seem to withstand the potato starch of the meal, making their retrospective meal’s a bit wet and sloppy.

The inside of the samosa, which is wonderfully full of taste and food.

The wedges are a huge surprise and I personally wish that they were included with the normal menu’s and not to be restricted to one meal. The wedges themselves are good, and are a similar size to one could probably buy at your local supermarket. When combined with the meal overall, it adds the icing to the top of the meal and adds really well to the overall spice of the meal and is a great compliment to the fries. It’s such a huge shame that the wedges and fries are not combined in more meals.

It’s a great box with a great variety that overall, should appeal to most vegetarians that want to eat at Munch Munch. It’s a great service and great representation of what Munch Munch can do for vegetarians like for us meat lovers and is only brought down slightly by the spring rolls.

As a wise woman once said – “I believe equal rights is a necessity of life for all citizens.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 10/10

Meal Thirty Seven – Vege Taco Meal

Cost – £3.50

With the rather disappointing selection of vegetarian meals so far in the commitment, I did not have much hope in the world for the Vege Taco Meal. Indeed, whilst I was interested in the Taco itself, it has been proven time and time again that if Munch Munch step out of their comfort zone (chicken) then the end product is something that isn’t great.

This negative thinking theory was automatically assumed as soon as the Vege Taco Meal was presented to me. It has a long preparation time – taking nearly over five minutes and the meal itself is pretty much the insides of a vegeburger “filling” – the standard hash brown with vegetables inside, but much smaller to accommodate the taco itself as well as a small amount of salad and what I assumed to be more ketchup. In terms of value and taste, it did not look promising. The only saving grace, one would assume – was the nice presentation of the meal.

This thinking was quickly dispelled when the first bite was taken. The taco itself is very crunchy and also tastes great, and when applied to the well applied salsa and vege filling makes a great combination that vegetarians that want to try something different should at least look into. The salad is applied with the right amount, and the filling itself also tastes good but is exactly the same as the vegeburger filling. The best part of the meal by far, and the most unique is the salsa, which unlike the BBQ/Ketchup sauce of the vegeburger meal is expertly applied, tasting great and just enough that keeps the overall taco’s tasting great, but not overbearing enough to make the sauce taste sickly by the end.

Looks great and thankfully, tastes great too.

It’s the salsa that makes this meal worthwhile as it is personally one of the most unique sauces I’ve tasted at Munch Munch. It tastes very much a base of a salsa dip, but with a great bit of spice on it that gives the taco meal an extra pull. It gives the taco’s a great taste of warmth and heart and helps all of the ingredients within the taco and the taco itself tasting fresh and exciting.

The salsa within the Vege Taco Meal is a real delight.

It’s a shame therefore, that the only major setback of this meal is that of size. In comparison to other taco’s served in other competing restaurants it’s very much a standard size but however when larger meals can be bought at Munch Munch for the same price then the question can be raised again – “is this worth the value?”. However, I suppose that style of logic does not naturally come with the vegetarian dishes, where meat alternatives cannot be made. Let’s hope Munch Munch review how much they are giving to the vegetarians of Leicester. Despite these setbacks, it’s well worth eating and gives a very good sense of what Munch Munch is all about.

As a wise t-shirt once said on a man’s body – “If there’s no salsa in heaven, then I’m not going there. Hell is right below!”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 7/10

Meal Thirty Six – Vegeburger Meal

Cost – £3.50

The Vege Burger Meal is the only burger meal for vegetarians in Munch Munch.

There’s really not much to say about this vegetarian burger mainly due to the fact that it is a very forgettable dish. However, let’s focus on the positives first. The burger seems clean and is very well presented with the filling in the middle fitting the bun excellently well. If you’re a vegetarian that loves a cleanly presented burger, then this is for you.

The vegetable burger meal is well presented and looks nice to consume.

The filling in the middle is a sort of vegetable circle croquet filling, with a mash potato sort of flavour with carrots and the occasional sweetcorn inserted within the burger. It’s all a bit average tasting, and it’s all just very bland. To try and counteract this in some sort of self-awareness, Munch Munch have added ketchup within the burger, but what I found was that there was too much ketchup, which surprisingly doesn’t go well with the filling itself as the taste is just too overwhelming. It comes together in a way that doesn’t taste great as the ketchup and the filling refuse to be compatible with one another, and is very disappointing for those who are vegetarian and want a nice burger.

The definition of average.

On top of this, the preparation time is longer then the usual standard for meat meals – possibly due to the fact that vegetarians don’t visit Munch Munch that much at all. I envision a scenario where they’re literally scraping the vegetarian filling out of the freezer from the bottom shelf. The burger doesn’t have any soul or personality like other dishes at Munch Munch. It’s not to say that the burger tastes bad for there is nothing inheritably wrong with the burger, it has okay value but just tastes very average. What a disappointment for vegetarians.

As a wise man once said – “No woman, no cry.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 6/10