An Update!

Sorry, I’ve been a bit bad with the Munch Commitment updates really.

Now, I could answer with loads of really poor excuses on why a post did not formulate from mind to paper but there is none, mainly because I didn’t (and still don’t) really know how to end a chicken blog. However, as I have recently just arrived back in Leicester from a what can only be described as a event packed summer, I felt now then ever is a perfect time to write. Therefore, I have handily decided to discuss broadly about two things. They are –

  1. Special Thanks
  2. Future Plans

I’m actually going to talk about future plans first because backspacing and changing the ordering is just too much effort.

                    FUTURE PLANS!!

THE MUNCH COMMITMENT BLOG WILL NOT DIE (just yet!). While I have no plans (oh god no) to ever do the commitment again and spend a stupid amount of money on takeaway, (more on this later) I still want to maintain the blog for my own sanity and an excuse to brush up on writing. I’d really like to thank you guys for joining me on this ride, you guys are awesome for the fact that you’re reading some chicken blog on the internet. We can totally be best friends.

I feel the right vision for the blog isn’t to just change it to some blog for plugs for other awesome places in Leicester – and there are loads to be honest – but to keep things Munch related. For example, I (or another other) could write about special meals going on at Munch, or tie Munch to awesome things that you should also be checking out if you’re in town.

For example, next’s week feature is called “The Munch Combination”, on where I and hopefully others who I can coherse and force to write stuff will write about the main theory of: “What goes well with Munch?”. This could be anything, from a beer to after a night out at Sophbeck. I would love if you guys will continue on this journey with me.

                        Sophbeck’s Finest!

Special Thanks

I made a column for this one to really show how sincere and serious I am regarding this.

Thanks to everyone that made The Munch Commitment exist in it’s present state. There are far too many to name, and that includes you, my wonderful illustrative fan. I love you.

A huge shoutout to many people that graduated last year who are unfortunately not here at the moment, which really fucking bums me out. Slightly afraid what I’ll write here because it’s going to sound fluffy, but goddamn. You guys are the best. It’s not the same and while the people remain are great too, doing a large amount of insane stuff on a weekly basis is something I’ll miss. Now I’ll have to do things like ‘clubbing’ and ‘taking pictures of drinking games using Instagram’ to have fun. Great. (not.)

However, it’ll probably save me money in the long run and really help me in the ‘Fry’ initative that is ‘Sort out your life’ – in where multiple people try to sort out their lives, which can include you too if you need to. For some odd reason I decided it’d be a good idea to go to the gym after last year’s awful diet and spending a ridiculous amount on takeaway. I’m slightly broke because of it.

Anyway I love you all and remember, The Munch Commitment is not over but certainly a bit less frequent. Also, let’s go out for lunch.


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