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The foreword to the blog can be seen here.

The main gist of the blog is an individual’s journey as he attempts to eat all 44 menu items in 44 weeks at Leicester’s chicken fast food branch, adeptly named “Munch Munch”. All items are eaten at the Narborough Road branch in Leicester.

Updated weekly, but daily (minus weekends) until late September 2011 as all blog posts are transferred to WordPress.

Munch Munch’s official website.

About the main writer

Tom, the writer of this blog is passionate about food and will do whatever is needed to find the best value meals possible at Munch Munch whilst avoiding health issues like cholesterol, cancer or possible food poisoning. When not indulging in food, he will be found probably bitching about something or someone or convincing straight men that Jane Eyre is in fact, a fine piece of literature.

Want to talk to him about any subject? Get in touch at themunchcommitment@gmail.com

Alternatively, please feel free to leave him comments about any article and he’ll probably get back to you. (maybe)

                                        Draw me like one of your French girls, Munch man.

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