Meal Fourty-Four – Crunchy Munch Chicken Rice Meal

Cost – £3.80

Being the final (anti-climatic, I know) meal of the Munch Commitment, it was only fitting to have something that reminded me of home, a rice meal. The old idea that “mother cooks best” rings true with this son, and I certainly do believe that when it comes to my own mother. (I wouldn’t tell her that though, as her ego would shoot off our working-class roof, and we all know that working-class people can’t afford roofs)

In retrospect, Munch Munch has always welcomed me to the family like a mother would, and many of Munch Munch’s meals do taste fantastic. The Crunchy Munch Chicken Rice Meal in first glance, smells fantastic, hosting rice, chopped strips of chicken and salad – all served on a dish of tupperware complete with a drink of your choice. Perhaps what is surprising is that the rice itself is a sort of orange colour which is not to say it’s poisonous, but instead spicy. Like every meal in Munch Munch, the rice is no expection to the rule of spice. What I find the most important in rice is the texture, poor texture of rice (for example, too mushy) means that the rice is not cooked properly which is possible if you’re a noob in cooking rice like me. I’m not the best role-model when it comes to being an Asian. Fortunately for Munch Munch, they do have an expert in rice (probably Uncle Ben) as the rice itself feels fine, with the right care and detail taken into the rice and surprisingly the spice and it’s orange colour blend in nicely with the rice, not making it soggy. The spice however, whilst making the overall odour of the meal smell great, can be largely overwhelming after so many “bites” of the rice – making the salad and the chicken’s taste nullified. It’s large quantity also does not help this factor overall, but the first several bites of the crunchy munch chicken rice will taste great.

The fragrance of the Crunchy Munch Chicken Rice is like a pretty lady.

The chicken and the salad come largely what you expect from past meals that involve the salad and chopped strips of chicken. The chicken strips taste great, and make a great compliment to the rice and the salad. The chicken here is also spicy, which doesn’t help how overwhelming the rice’s spice is – but is deep with a fresh, juicy taste which thankfully, the Munch Munch team have not comprised in terms of quality and quantity. The salad by itself is woefully medicore, but however do compliment the overall meal nicely and adds nicely to the three-way palette that is this meal. The salad does taste like something you would get out of a standard kebab store, and let’s just hope Munch Munch improves on this standard, on where it can on so many other levels.

There’s a lot to experience here.

It’s an enjoyable meal to have that is very, very different then Munch Munch’s other offerings. It is also one of the better value meals within the chicken branch, as the meal itself will leave you full, and not hungry for more (but probably on a later date). The only real let-down is the sheer overwhelming spice of it and the very mediocre quality of the salad, but if you’re looking for something different or want to go wildly experimental with your next Munch Munch visit, then the Crunchy Munch Chicken Rice Meal will do you fine and is a great value for money.

As a wise man once said – “The way you cut your meat reflects the way you live.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 10/10