Meal Thirty Six – Vegeburger Meal

Cost – £3.50

The Vege Burger Meal is the only burger meal for vegetarians in Munch Munch.

There’s really not much to say about this vegetarian burger mainly due to the fact that it is a very forgettable dish. However, let’s focus on the positives first. The burger seems clean and is very well presented with the filling in the middle fitting the bun excellently well. If you’re a vegetarian that loves a cleanly presented burger, then this is for you.

The vegetable burger meal is well presented and looks nice to consume.

The filling in the middle is a sort of vegetable circle croquet filling, with a mash potato sort of flavour with carrots and the occasional sweetcorn inserted within the burger. It’s all a bit average tasting, and it’s all just very bland. To try and counteract this in some sort of self-awareness, Munch Munch have added ketchup within the burger, but what I found was that there was too much ketchup, which surprisingly doesn’t go well with the filling itself as the taste is just too overwhelming. It comes together in a way that doesn’t taste great as the ketchup and the filling refuse to be compatible with one another, and is very disappointing for those who are vegetarian and want a nice burger.

The definition of average.

On top of this, the preparation time is longer then the usual standard for meat meals – possibly due to the fact that vegetarians don’t visit Munch Munch that much at all. I envision a scenario where they’re literally scraping the vegetarian filling out of the freezer from the bottom shelf. The burger doesn’t have any soul or personality like other dishes at Munch Munch. It’s not to say that the burger tastes bad for there is nothing inheritably wrong with the burger, it has okay value but just tastes very average. What a disappointment for vegetarians.

As a wise man once said – “No woman, no cry.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 6/10

Meal Thirty Five – Panini Wrap Meal

Cost – £3.50

A long long time ago in Munch Munch land, lived the Panini Meal and it’s three flavours. The Chicken Tikka Panini, the Sweet and Sour Chicken Panini and the Chicken Keema Panini. These three lived harmoniously with one another, until the evil Munch Munch corporate overlord man pulled the plug. “These things aren’t selling!” cried the Munch Munch boss to his underling. “What do you think Munch Munch is… Cafe Nero!? Costa Coffee?! No we’re a fried chicken shop! Just get out of my sight!”

But sir… the chicken tikka is selling okay. Plus, we have the Chicken Tikka Burger, which means we can use the tikka in both meals and therefore justify having the Tikka meals! I know tikka meals are your favourite sir, and you refuse to accept the tikka meals don’t make any mone—–”

Don’t even go there! They– they are my favourite. We are not axing them. Axing the Tikka meals is not an option.”




That’s how I envision the state of the Panini meal anyway. Whilst there are technically three choices, the Sweet and Sour and Keema are not available anymore, only leaving the Chicken Tikka. It’s one of those meals at Munch Munch that take much longer to prepare then usual, like the Masala Fish due to it’s unpopularity (I suppose?) so if you want fast food that’s mega fast, just go with fried chicken. Another issue is also size, and the issue is that the panini is just an ordinary size – which is not the Munch Munch standard as burgers are bigger then “normal” burgers of society in the UK.

The Panini meal, presented in a burger box. The Panini is not wide enough to fit the box.

The chicken tikka itself is surprisingly not the giant train-wreck that is the Chicken Tikka Burger, and while it looks unappetising and doesn’t look tikka-ish at all, the meat itself captures the tikka taste quite well. It’s not the greatest tikka you’ll ever eat, but it’s far from the worse and the onion peppered throughout the panini is a saving grace, and really helps with the dryness of the tikka itself as well as giving the panini an extra layer of taste. It comes together quite nicely and was rather enjoyable to eat. It’s as one says, “never judge a book by one’s cover.” Often overlooked grossly in today’s society, but my ranting of that will be for another time.

A part of this enjoyment came from the fact that the texture of the panini feels good. The bread itself is toasted to a nice degree and is rather wholesome – and quite filling for a panini. It feels like something you would get from much more “posher” (as one would argue) eating establishments/cafes and feels good to grip. Never at one point did I feel that the panini would ever break.

Nice and sturdy, but presentation-wise doesn't look too fantastic.

However, on the grand scheme of things panini is probably not the first piece of food you would think when you enter a fried chicken shop. Whilst the panini is enjoyable, it’s also very noticeable that it is not Munch Munch’s speciality, with rather poor presentation displayed throughout the panini, with some sauce smeared on the actual panini bread itself (pitta? I don’t know). Whilst filling, the Panini is very small in comparison to other, more tastier and enjoyable meals at the same price point. Whilst it’s a lovely alternative to have, it also doesn’t match up to the Munch Munch menu well and on the grand scheme, is just over average. On the other hand, it’s a great alternative and if you want to eat something at Munch Munch that is on the lighter side and captures a sort-of nice chicken tikka taste and not on the “oh god my interior is going to burst” then this is a great way to go.

As a wise man once said – “Panini’s are all good and everything, but a fried chicken shop speciality lies in…. fried chicken.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 6/10

Meal Thirty Four – Vege Wrap Meal



Cost – £3.50

What a strange weird wrap to review.

If not noted in the title, this is a vegetable wrap meal. Which basically means, no meat. It’s kind of messed up.

Doth eyes, there are vegetables?

Now, for all of you vegetarians out there you’re all probably thinking: “What a dick!” or “Boo-hoo, he can’t deal without eating meat!” It’s not to say that I frown upon eating vegetarian food, just eating it at Munch Munch, the home of meat. I hope it’s understandable in the fact that after eating meat for the last thirty-three weeks that it’s kind of freaky to eat something without meat It’s something I’ve got to deal with for later weeks as vegetarian season quickly approaches.

Similar externally to that of it's meat cousins.

With that in mind, let it be known that I have a slight basis to this week. Firstly, the contents of the vegetarian wrap meal externally has the same (pitta?) bread as that of the previous wrap meals. It fits in nicely with the vegetarian wrap meal, which seems to consist of a very large hash brown effectively substituting the meat, followed with standard salad as well as vegetables themselves. Vegetables that I could taste and were noticeable were that of carrots, peas and sweetcorn followed by a nice layer of mayonnaise that was not too powerful but just right enough to hit that sweet spot. The vegetables themselves very much look like they’ve come out of a freezer and ‘oven-ed’. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but it’s slightly disappointing considering Munch Munch’s detail to care is usually quite high.

Brimming full of vegetables and a giant hash-brown.

Another look inside the intestines of the Vege Wrap Meal.

These flavours come together in quite a surprisingly enjoyable way, as the mayonnaise blends in well with the hash brown and the vegetables. It tastes super clean and was literally the first time in Munch Munch where I could not taste the grease, as the hash brown and the wrap entered the universe that is my mouth. Whilst enjoyable, it’s slightly bland as the hash brown and vegetables don’t make up enough taste to make the overall meal compelling enough. However, the crisp hash brown, the taste of the crispy mayonnaise and the vegetables make the meal filling and in terms of value, it’s fairly great. It’s useful therefore, that the mayonnaise helps the taste, and works well with the hash brown and in consequence, the vegetables. It feels healthy and definitely tastes good. If you’re a vegetarian or in fact, want something that isn’t greasy or just in the mood not to eat Halal meat, then the Vege Wrap Meal isn’t a bad way to swing.

As a wise man once said – “Every vegetable has it’s time.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 8/10

Meal Thirty Three – Masala Fish Wrap Meal

Cost – £3.50

Outside the sun is shining. It’s literally summer but minus the “it’s really too hot” heat and the drought that follows. I do not look forward to that. But this is nice.

It’s also the perfect weather to eat Munch Munch! The previously reviewed Masala Fish meal itself is fantastic and personally for me, a absolute sun under the star of Munch Munch. (I highly recommend it with mayonnaise, it’s absolutely gorgeous.)

It’s not suprising therefore that this week did come with some expectations with the Masala Fish Wrap Meal – the masala fish but in a wrap! Part of those expectations were hype, part of it skeptism.

Let’s just start with a preface. It tastes great.

Read on, my child.

The Masala Fish in the wrap tastes superb and is brimming with all the best parts of the Masala Fish that you want, from the wonderful texture to the strong, rich flavours that are apparent within the Masala Fish. On top of this, it’s filled with mayonnaise on top (which helps dramatically) and salad as well as a few other healthy green extras which make this a wrap that feels great and fresh. All of these factors come together and make the end product taste great and is what you expect, amazing tasting masala fish with great succulent taste as well as great tasting extras that really mesh well.

Well formed, succulent and tasty.

Now when you’ve just seen that, you would expect a 10/10 score right? Alas, that’s what I would love to give this feat but there is a small issue that I have that unfortunately brings this meal down and it’s to do with the fish itself. The fish cannot handle the extras and as you eat the wrap, it progressively loses the first taste as the fish is being drowned by the mayonnaise. Whilst I did mention that the fish and the mayonnaise are indeed heavenly and are from a place on earth – the mayonnaise overtakes the fish taste as this penetration of the sauces occur, dumbing down the taste effectively. It’s not a huge issue as some of that taste remains, but it’s enough just to make it lose the superb first taste it has and is no longer the perfect meal. It should also be noted that this meal is significantly smaller then that of the Masala Fish meal itself, yet a charge of £3.50 is the cost for this meal is as same as the Fish meal. In terms of value wise, this is questionable.

Whilst tasty, compared to the Masala Fish meal the wrap falls in terms of value.

Taking these factors into consideration, it’s hard to reward this meal the perfect ten. However, I assure you that the first bite is very much Munch Munch at it’s finest and it pains me that I cannot give it a ten because of this first bite alone because the faults just let it down ever so slightly. The value is also questionable, losing just over an approximation of 1/3rd of the fish itself because it is in a wrap. However, if you want a great tasting wrap that doesn’t involve chicken, then this by far is the biggest recommendation I could give you with no regrets.

As a wise man once said – “Live…. without no regrets.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 7/10