Meal Thirty Two – Chicken Tikka Wrap Meal

Cost – £3.50

We return back to our normal written schedule in which the written review makes a come-back! It’s not all doom and gloom however (or is it?!) as we are joined by the Chicken Tikka Wrap Meal.

The Chicken Tikka Wrap Meal is like the odd sibling that you have in your family. (there’s always one) It’s a lovely wrap, but really not as good as it’s other sibling, the Chicken Twista Wrap Meal. With every yin, there is a yang. I will go into more explanation.

Oh hello, I didn't see you there!

The Chicken Tikka Wrap contains all of the same raw ingredients as the Chicken Twista Wrap. Apart from coming with the standard Munch Munch fries, the wrap itself is also similar – coming with the same pitta (? – I’m an expert) bread as well as what we discussed in last week’s review, what we believe are the chicken strips within the wrap.


With this in mind, they’ve already got the amazing 80% of the formula that created the chicken twista wrap. Where the meal however falls apart, is that of the tikka sauce inside the wrap itself. It never really ever reaches the heights of greatness that last week’s meal captured with the sauce itself. It’s not to say that the sauce itself is bad as it is rather relatively good, but in relative to last week’s meal, it’s poor. The sauce itself tastes like tikka, but it’s not as spicy as one would expect tikka would be. This could be accounted for the fact that there isn’t enough tikka sauce applied on the actual wrap, making the wrap itself taste rather dry and flat. This pales in contrast to that of the mayonnaise in the chicken twista wrap, which is given very generously in the said wrap and tastes great as a result.

Tikka sauce, where art thou?

It’s an imperfect wrap, but however one that does have some merit. The chicken itself tastes incredibly bad-ass, and when the tikka does meet the meat it is enjoyable. The wrap that was also reviewed was extremely well-crafted unlike last week’s wrap and if last week’s wrap was built to perfection like this week, it would have received the full 10/10 accreditation. It felt right, looked superb and was incredibly satisfying to eat.

The tikka wrap is nicely realised and well constructed.

The flaws of this wrap really let the wrap down overall. It’s still a quality wrap boasting great chicken and a great build, but however is sorely let down by it’s dryness due to the lack of tikka. The tikka itself is also flawed, not tasting exactly great. Should you however be in the market for a wrap that has great chicken and tikka inside it, then you could go a lot worse as the core wrap and chicken tastes great. However if you’re going to Munch Munch, there’s also a lot better you could go for. (like the chicken twista wrap if you really want it!)

As a wise man once said – “Mediocrity is excellent to the eyes of mediocre people.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH 



With a value score of 8/10

Meal Thirty One – Chicken Twista Rap Meal

This week is a special week as I’m joined by Peter and Chris for a special video review for one week only for the Chicken Twista Rap Meal!

Cost – £3.10

Part 1

Part 2

PS – I’m not used to seeing my face on a computer screen. It freaks me out.

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



Value score of 10/10

Meal Thirty – Mini Cod Kids Burger Meal

Cost – N/A

Once again I’ve rolled into a problem. Like the Cheesy Chip Cob, I’m saddened to report that this cod burger doesn’t exist. Something to do with the fact that “it’s been away for a long time” and “will never return” like a long lost brother. It’s a shame as I was personally looking forward to reviewing this burger but alas, some things that we wish for never come alive.

However, if you want something that’s like a fish, the amazing Masala Fish meal should be able to sort you out and tastes pretty great. (and avaliable at Munch Munch Narborough as part of their £2 meal! What a bargain.)

Another problem is also that every time I type in the word cod I think of Call Of Duty. I need to get a grip on life.


Or if videogame videos isn’t your thing…



As a wise man once said: “If you talk about videogames in your chicken blog, then I will add that all music begins and ends with the intro song to Soul Edge. This is a scientific fact.”

Meal Twenty Nine – Mini Chicken Kids Burger Meal

Cost – £3.00

The Mini Chicken Kids Burger Meal comes with some sort of anticipation personally for me. Coming straight from the “pretty much identical but not quite” strips, popcorn and nugget kids meal from Munch Munch, the chicken burger and indeed, next week’s cod burger comes with some sort of anticipation due to the fact that these meals are not like the strips, popcorn and nuggets in which can be purchased in the normal standard menu but instead are unique offerings to the kids menu.

As I approached the counter, once again I get the odd stare from the Munch Man. He looks up and down me, questioning me like a criminal caught in the ice as he double-corrects me about the kids meal. Naturally, for the review, I said that he heard correctly. I wanted the kids meal.

The Mini Chicken Burger itself is quite frankly, rather disappointing itself. I was given the choice during this chicken burger to either have a fillet of chicken or mini-strips of chicken in which the obvious choice was the strips of chicken. Duh. The strips are one of the finer portions of Munch Munch. However, no mini-strips of chicken (two small ones precisely – no pun intended) are enough of a saving grace to save this mini-burger mainly due to the size of the burger, a very small burger that is similar to that of the chicken burger but just not quite for nearly £3. There are so many other things you can buy at Munch Munch for £3 and you’ll get a much more exceptional deal that this is flat-out, a rip-off – especially when you factor in the idea of the new £2 menu which includes such bangers such as the Masala Fish and Chips just for £2. I was talking to friend of the blog Gary earlier regarding this pricing, in where we both agree that for some of the menu’s, Munch Munch has got some very inconsistent pricing that never seems to be aware of it’s deals, like the aforementioned £2 dishes.

A picture of Gary after he had sex in the early 2000's.

It’s not to say that my bitter disappointment soured the taste of the burger itself. The burger itself tasted absolutely fine, sporting a large amount of mayonnaise with some cheese sloppily slapped on the burger and also that tinge that you taste from the 89p hamburgers from McDonalds (I think they’re gerkins or something, I dunno? Let me know if you do – it’s definitely a shroud of mystery for me). It’s an unusual taste that Munch Munch have applied here that doesn’t really take advantage of it’s strong chicken pedigree, but instead just opting for a okay chicken taste with a slight cheap taste – probably going back to that cheap McDonalds taste.

A small burger with a lot of fries.

The burger itself is as small as the McDonald 89p which is all sorts of disappointment. It’s slightly acceptable if buying a burger at 99p that it comes as small (even then, it’s still slightly shrewd considering Munch Munch is all about the value for money) as it does, but however for a £3 meal, it’s totally unacceptable. The amount of fries were large; but considering the fact that the fries are really never the main attraction at Munch Munch but instead the main attraction is usually the drawing point, what do you get when the main attraction is just poor? Nothing at all.

The Mini Chicken Burger is too small and doesn't scratch the mustard for £3 worth of food.

This meal is just a poor showcase for Munch Munch and if you were going to take your kid (if you don’t have one, I’m sorry to say it will eventually unless you’re a creep) to Munch Munch please do your child a favour and do not buy him or her a meal. Unless the kid is being an absolute ass, in which case unless you’re deliberately letting the kid become an asshole then you could buy this to punish the kid. But still, it’s pretty much a waste of money in your part. Your kid deserves better and will probably be messed up for life if you buy this. Childhood ruined.

As a wise man once said – “A happy childhood…. is the worst possible preparation for life.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 2/10