Meal Twenty Eight – Munch Kids Popcorn Meal

Cost – £3.00

Eating this today was odd.

Soon marks the dawn of where I’m getting older and I’m no longer in fact, a kid and that I have a thing called “responsibilities” and also a thing called “university deadlines”. No doubt soon it will be either “kids” or “oh shit, pregnancy scare” followed by a trip to the Jeremy Kyle show. Fate seemed to decide also that she would point this out – when ordering the Munch Kids Menu.

Picture the scenario. I’m in Munch Munch ordering food, like I do about 60% of my life.

Me: “Can I get the twenty-eight please?”

Munch Girl: “Sure, the twenty-eight. Uh….”

*Odd Pause*

Munch Girl: “The Kids meal?”

Me: “Yep. The Kids meal.”

Munch Girl: “Uh…. could I get a Kids popcorn meal?”

It was an awkward moment for sure and the reason why I put this as a forewarning of the review is mainly because what I received on the other side definitely wasn’t a Kids popcorn meal but instead a large popcorn meal which probably weighed the same amount as a small child who had just recently popped out of his or her’s mother womb.

Questionably not the Popcorn Kids Meal.

Taking this into account, it’s therefore hard to review the kids popcorn meal, mainly because I don’t believe that this is a kids meal. Nevertheless, the kids pop-corn meal is very much identical to the regular pop-corn meal, featuring very crispy and kind of nice chicken with some edible fries. Just imagine the kids meal being a bit smaller.

It’s an odd one to review as much hasn’t really changed from the standard pop-corn meal. It still remains a nice meal that hinges slightly over average – the chicken itself whilst nice, never really crosses the line of what Munch is famous for – “the new chicken experience.” That being said, it’s super crispy and looks nice and indeed does taste nice. It’s kind of like that all too true experience when you like a girl but she ends up leaving the club with another guy – he’s got the good looks, kind of looks like an ass-hole, has moves like Jagger and is probably better in everything in every way then you but you know she could do better regardless because he doesn’t have soul or love – unlike you. (ps reader if this affects you, don’t worry – you’re more awesome and way more hotter then that guy mainly because you’re reading this chicken blog.)

The popcorn meal indeed looks quite appetising but lacks some soul in taste.

I’d also highly recommend that you try the famous Munch Munch chilli sauce with the pop-corn meal, as they make a really great combination and give that chicken an extra zing.

The Chilli sauce comes highly recommended. (by me)

Alas, I hope my reviews no longer get jeopardised by questioning staff, but I am indeed growing an old man. Still, the kids pop-corn meal is probably the same meal, but with less food and meat. Still a cracking value at £3.

As a wise man once said – “A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 7/10

Meal Twenty Seven – Kids 3 Strip Meal

Cost – £2.99

The three strips kids meal is not unique to this blog in the fact that it is very much like the three strips meal. Actually, let’s not say “it is very much” – it is identical.

However, don’t think for a second that because it is identical to the three strip meal that this is a terrible meal. The three strip meal is one of the very few meals that have prestigious 10/10 award and this meal is also no main feat. The amazing quality meat is all present, with the award-winning spice that makes the three strip meal so great to eat

It’s also just very filling, and for £3 you’re getting a really great deal. For the smaller stomaches, I feel that the three strip meal is a great value. The strips themselves are very filling, and with fries on top this makes it unbeatable value. However, a six strip meal can be purchased for an extra 60p, therefore slightly reducing the value of the three strip meal. The fries are not really the main attraction here, so 6 strips for £3.60 is a much better proposal.

The Kidz Three Strip Meal!

It’s personally tough writing about the strip meal really because there’s not much to say about the strip meal then it is sexy and wholesome, and sensational. It’s kind of like seeing a fine man on the street and admiring the view .(like DeeEmmSee – that guy also smells great!)

As a wise lady once said – “A good looking man is how Tom viewed Jerry, with a lick of his lips and a meal to the eyes.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 9/10