Oh hello there, Christmas Eve. Um – Uh, this may sound creepy, but you’re looking good today Eve.

I once again apologise refusely for not getting the Kids 4 Nuggets Meal review on time. I hope to be better with this stuff come the new year.

It’s that time again, where we celebrate Christmas 2011, and get ready for 2012. It’s definitely weird, and I only feel older as time goes on. That, or it’s my hair growing longer then it has any right to be and I need to get to get it cut.

Before I go any more off-topic, I’d like to thank all of you readers for sticking with the commitment as always. It really means a lot to have so much support from friends that are in Leicester and going through the rough trials and tribulations that is eating chicken carcasses on a weekly basis.

However, a huge shoutout goes out to the WordPress community! After moving the blog to WordPress, I’ve noticed a rise in traffic regarding this blog and I don’t know who’s reading this, but thanks I suppose? (you guys have WAY too much spare time, but then again, who am I to say Mr “I write about chicken on a weekly basis”)

It always gets me a tiny bit giddy when sometime I don’t know likes a post or leaves a comment, so thanks so much! It really is quite inspiring.

2012 should be an exciting year for us all, and this blog! Hopefully we can get the Munch Milkshake Commitment rolling with guest writers, some silly video content as well as more features – I hope to get a feature out before the end of this year/early next year. (sneak preview – I have a bone to pick with fast-food places because I LOVE bitching.)

This is pretty much it, so thank you all once again! I hope you guys all have a fabulous Christmas and a New Years! This is Tom signing out with some of the things that make Christmas for well, me.





You know, catching up with some videogames.


Let’s not forget other religions!

  • Spending time with family and friends that you don’t get to see so often. Even if you’re a cynical bastard, try to enjoy life for at least a couple of days during the festive season. We should all try to be good, right? Also, treat your respective partners right, unless they’re a bitch.

Spending time with pets!



If you’re in Japan, get your ass to KFC for Christmas!

I’m sure you guys can fit the blanks in here that I’m not going to fill out. I love you all.

PS – The Commitment comes back some time early/mid January, when I return thus back to Leicester.

Meal Twenty Six – Kids 4 Nuggets Meal

Cost – £3.00

I once again apologise for what is a huge delay in my writing of Munch Munch. Between the Christmas break and assignment work (which I still haven’t completed) I haven’t really had the courage to face a computer screen during my spare time (my younger self would probably mock me and shit on my face whilst yelling “OAP OAP OAP” repeatedly.)

Poor excuses aside, the four nuggets meal is really that identical to that of the six nugget meal. By definition therefore, it’s not really a kids meal as there is no free toy, and the box that is served with the meal is identical to that of a standard takeaway box. You can also go large with the meal for 30p extra, and the large – like going large with any meal – is no joke. If I was a kid, chances are the poop that I would take shortly after consuming the meal would probably not be able to go through my poor asshole and as a result, burst my insides like that of some poor horror movie.

Going large for the Kids 4 Nuggets Meal is no joke. Spot the nuggets in all of those fries!

The nuggets themselves are unfortunately not as big as the poop you’re probably imagining, coming in at a rather standard size for a kids size (probably fortunate, on second thought) and are comparable to that of a McDonald chicken nugget. Where the Munch Kids 4 Nuggets Meal really comes into it’s own in comparison to said McDonald chicken nugget is really that of the smooth skin and texture it has. It’s very soft, unlike that of the McDonald chicken nugget, and the taste inside is much warmer, juicier and has more heart then that of a standard McDonald chicken nugget. (it’s probably not good for your heart though)

Hearty and tasty.

What is odd about this nugget meal was that it felt much nicer then that of the previous nugget meal that I had. Perhaps I caught Munch Munch at a bad time, but I always stand by my review ethic, which is to review whatever is given to me. It was a nice, hearty meal that I would recommend. However, the question of value always comes into play. In comparison to the 6 Nugget Meal, which can be picked up for an extra 20p, costing in at £3.20, is the “Kids” 4 Nuggets Meal really worth the asking price, especially when two extra nuggets can be bought at such a small price? One could argue that he only wants four nuggets and save 20p, but why not just stop being a cheapskate, and buy an extra two, and give them to your lovely friends who have accompanied you to the finest chicken place in Leicester? If you have your friends, no problem! Go give those chicken nuggets to someone at Maryland Chicken to show them the true chicken experience or some homeless person on the way back. Be the good samaritan. Especially for this Christmas.

I would argue as a result, that this is probably not the best value you can get – considering four chicken nuggets at Munch Munch is a very small amount of chicken in comparison to other chicken to Great British Sterling meals you can get at Munch Munch. If you just want to go large for this meal, then you would be receiving more Munch Munch fries – which definitely isn’t the highlight of Munch Munch for me.

However, it tastes pretty damn good. Let’s hope they keep this refined recipe of nuggets in for good.

As a wise man* once said – “Share this article on Facebook and you may have a chance of winning your own Kids 4 Nuggets Meal for Christmas!”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 6/10

*Please don’t do this

Meal Twenty Five – Cheesy Chip Cob

Cost – “£1.00”

I have a grave announcement to make regarding this meal.

It.. It no longer exists.

I’m not going to lie, I only remember this meal from a long time ago and that was last year, so I’ll write some sort of un-official review, so let’s put on our sepia glasses as we remember this blast from the past.

It’s always a subject that I’ve always neglected in writing about, and that are the munch fries. The munch fries themselves are fine, they are not great but definitely functionable. It’s always interesting to take first-goers to Munch Munch because the same remark is always made. “I love the burgers but the fries are okay.” It’s not that they are terrible and I’d hate to compare Munch Munch to places such as ‘McDonalds’ or ‘Burger King’ – but I feel that both of the aforementioned fries are superior to that then that of Munch Munch. I feel personally, that there is a better sense of texture and definition as well as taste in those two branches then Munch Munch.

If we put this to equation, then is the cheesy chip cob any good? We all know what a chip cob is, and when Munch Munch throw some cheese on the chip cob, is that any good as well?

Well, I suppose it depends how good the cheese is. I’d probably say it’s not a saving grace though but I suppose it would be pretty great value.

It’s always been a reoccurring issue that Munch Munch isn’t the best unless it’s chicken. It’s kind of depressing to say that I suppose. But kind of true.

As I said yesterday – “It’s nearly Christmas!”