Meal Twenty Four – Vegetable Spring Rolls

Cost – £1.00

As a young Asian lad, one of the highlights of my overweight life was when mother used to cook spring rolls. I remember how the spring roll did really rock ‘n’ roll (get it?) my life, eating extreme amounts that would even make Adam Richman even cry. They roared with taste, and were (and still is) one of my biggest highlights in life. It’s one of the things I miss hugely when I’m at university, and is a big gap in my life.

However, can the vegetable spring roll from Munch Munch fill that gap in my life?

The short answer is no. It really is disappointing and falls flat on it’s face, and really reinforces the rule that you should just get some chicken at Munch Munch.

Let’s start with the positives. It’s well made, and the spring rolls contains the right amount of vegetable ingredients within the roll, which contain the following (that I could at least taste) –

  • Peas
  • Carrots
  • Onions


  • Some sauce thing that I would assume doesn’t contain any meat

    The vegetable spring rolls for what it's worth, is well made.

They come together in an component fashion that doesn’t taste terrible, but doesn’t taste great either. A lot of the ingredients within the spring roll is overrided by this mystery sauce which just tastes like a sauce with a slight tinge of tikka masala (if any readers would like to help me out here, it’s most appreciated). It’s an easily forgettable taste that does not really try to make a huge impression. However, the texture is smooth but the taste reminded me heavily of an vegetable Indian samosa, so if you like those, then I suppose this isn’t the worst way to go.

It’s also just not very filling. As Munch Munch is always known for superb value, this pound saver menu falls under the pound saver menu’s that don’t really offer great value, and is very small. Even with three spring rolls, the three are just too thin to really fill the stomach at all. When combined with a very less then a mediocre taste, the whole meal just falls flat.

What is the mystery sauce?

Another mentionable problem here that is worth putting into consideration is that this pound saver menu doesn’t seem to be popular at all. It took just under ten minutes for the vegetable spring rolls to be served to me, which meant that the rest of my more superior meal was delayed during spring rolls. So take that as a precaution.

It’s not a bad meal, but it’s also just not very good. When putting into consideration the long preparation time, the very mediocre taste and the lack of value, it’s very much not worth considering at all. Go for something else, like some delicious chicken. That, or I’m just being harsh because I’m Asian and as expected, spring rolls are my forte.

As a wise man once said – “One day without chicken is like not seeing the sun for a day.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 3/10

What shakes taste-buds? Taste testing the milkshakes at Munch Munch – An Introduction

Welcome to the new section to the blog here at The Munch Commitment, focusing on another amazing part of Munch Munch, the milkshakes. Often looked down at when visiting Munch Munch, the milkshakes are often not seen in the front of the takeaway as they are not explicitly seen in the menu. In fact, the way that I originally was introduced to the amazing milkshakes that Munch Munch had to offer was seeing it behind the counter. Offering nearly eight different selections, I felt the need to review these amazing pieces of ‘drink’ (if you will) that complement the fine chicken at Munch Munch.

The main reason why the milkshakes earn their own section is because they are not part of the main ‘commitment’ – none of the meals have a milkshake offering, but instead you can opt in to pay about 50 pence extra to replace a standard drink with a milkshake. However, I felt that the milkshakes needed to be covered, because it still makes for part of the Munch Munch experience, depending who you are, that and they are so, so fantastic. I firmly believe that Munch Munch’s milkshakes are much better then what is on offer in other takeaways, such as “McDonalds” and “Burger King”, and also cheaper – a regular costing only £1.20 and a large, which in usual Munch fashion, is actually large – at £1.50.

Because this section of the blog is not part of the main commitment, I will be asking guests that accompany to Munch Munch on a weekly basis to write on my steed, which hopefully will give you, the reading public, a greater and more varied insight into the lifestyle of eating at Munch Munch.

I hope that you can one again, join us on a milky adventure as we sample many of the fine milkshakes that are available in the fine takeaway that is Munch Munch.

A brand new taste and milkshake experience.

Meal Twenty Three – Four Wings

Cost – £1.00

As I’ve said tale before time, I just really do not like chicken on the bone. It really involves getting gritty with greasy chicken and your own saliva and it doesn’t really appeal to me.

This meal made me reconsider my thoughts on the mere concept of chicken on the bone.

Coming in at such a huge surprise, the wings give a great shot of Munch Munch’s quote – ‘ a whole new chicken experience’. The skin, coating the insides is easily the best part of the wings, possessing a very smooth and seasoned skin with a slight crisp which comes together to create something truly harmonious. The smooth centre is also great, rich with flavour and taste, with the only problem is being that the inside of the chicken is very small, and it’s over before you know it.

Each wing is small, but there are four of them.

It’s fortunate then, that there are four wings. They are all very small and probably sizes in at an average three fingers width, which would be a complete rip-off it was just £1 for one, but for four for £1, it’s good value that will make a great compliment to any meal. It just all comes together in a really great way and it’s well worth experiencing at such a small price.

As a wise man once said – “I believe what you say, I’m only surprised at what you do.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



Value score of 8/10

Meal Twenty Two – One Piece Chicken

Cost – £1.00

The one piece chicken is an odd piece to review. At it’s core, the one piece chicken is a great piece of food, offering very crispy skin as well as a great center, filled with juicy meat. The two combined create a very nice one piece chicken.

A bird's eye view of the One Piece Chicken.

However, it’s hard not to look at this piece, and notice what you are getting for just only £1. It’s hardly very filling and I could not see a situation where one would just order one piece of chicken unless they had a serious chicken itch that they needed to scratch. For £2, you can easily get two pieces of chicken and fries. It’s just poor value, and you’re much better going off after these choices of food, where you are getting a complete meal should you want more then one piece of chicken.

If it’s just a complimentary piece you’re after, then the one piece meal is hardly terrible – it tastes quite great and is sized well. However, the one piece chicken is what it is, just ordinary chicken. Whilst having a nice outer skin, it really doesn’t show the whole new ‘chicken experience’ and if you’re already having chicken in your meal (chances are high) why go for the one piece chicken? I would recommend something a bit different, such as the four wings, which give your overall meal a bit more punch.

Whilst nice and reasonably sized, the price of £1 is slightly steep.

When taking the core logistics of ‘why would you buy this’, the one piece chicken is a nice piece of chicken that tastes rather good, but for £1 is a bit steep. I would cautiously recommend this one.

As a wise lady once said – “Much caution does no harm.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 4/10

Meal Twenty One – Mini Strip Burger

Cost – £1.00

The Mini Strip Burger is an interesting burger for me personally, as it reminds me of Christmas 2010. It’s therefore quite fitting then, that we’re rapidly approaching Christmas 2011 with only five weeks remaining and that I’m once again, sat on a university library (if you have no idea what my old man ramblings of reminiscing is, you should just probably read this article I wrote last year.)

A bird eye's view of the Mini Strip Burger!

In a lot of ways, the Mini Strip Burger is hugely remisicient of the magicial three strip burger, and has very similar ingredients to that of the burger. For a start, mayonnaise and lettuce are combined with the mini strips wrapped in a bun to create the end effect, with the mini strips themselves exactly describing what they are – mini strips. They are roughly just over half the size of an ordinary strip and also much thinner than that of ordinary strips, so two can be fitted into one bun. I would estimate on the other hand, that only one ordinary strip could be fitted into the bun – which is telling of the size of the mini strips.

The strips inside aren't as big as normal strips, but they're still quite amazing. (fries not included)

However, where the mini strips lack size they still have the great original spicy punch of that of the normal strips. It’s an absolute shame therefore that the experience is pretty much over once you begin to eat the burger, with the same issue occurring like the last two £1 burgers that the burger is too small. It is however, unlike the other two where the burger because of the mini strips is filling. The layering of the mini strip burger is not as thin as that of the chicken or the lamb burger and therefore whilst not completely filling, will really tip that edge from partly full after a meal to fully full after. With this factor combined with an brief, but fulfilling taste of strips in an burger, it’s a great compliment meal at £1 and is highly recommended compared to it’s brothers, the Lamb and Chicken Burgers. In fact, if you were just peckish and wanted something a bit small to satisfy your hunger, the Mini Strip Burger is a great way to go and will probably fill you up more than a 70p packet of crisps and taking the price in consideration, is one of the better items you can get at Munch Munch to fill you up and will give the ‘whole new chicken experience’.

For only £1 you can get a brief, but great taste of Munch Munch.

As a wise man once said – “In order to achieve one’s life goals, you must first touch Alan’s balls for enlightenment.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 8/10

Meal Twenty – Lamb Burger

Cost – £1.00

The Lamb Burger like it’s predecessor the chicken burger, has the same issues and problems that it’s predecessor had. It’s very much the same size as the chicken burger and has very thin layers, making the lamb burger very much feel like a pound-saver dish. As said earlier, this is hugely disappointing for Munch Munch, a place on where I usually pride for great value.

The chicken and lamb burgers look so alike that it's hard to distinguish the differences from a bird-eye's view.

It’s also similar in the fact that the Lamb Burger has a light layer of salad, mayonnaise and a slab of lamb. Where it does change is that of the lamb itself (obviously) – and this main part of the burger is a slight let-down to the entire dish. As a fan of dirty kebab places, the lamb burger really reminds me of a very average lamb kebab, and the quality of the lamb itself just feels average, and arguably poor for Munch Munch. For a dish I was very much looking forward to, this factor and the size factor alone was a huge disappointment. Whilst the salad and the mayonnaise are that of a high quality, it is not enough of a saving grace to save this meal.

However, it makes a fairly good companion piece for any meal if you want to add a side dish that is a bit different then the chicken that is offered in Munch Munch. However, I would argue that the chicken burger is slightly better then that of this lamb burger and that once again, Munch Munch specialisation is really chicken and it’s other dishes are usually quite poor. (but not always!)

As a wise man once said – “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 5/10

Meal Nineteen – Chicken Burger

Cost – £1.00

We start things off for the first ever two in one review week with the chicken burger!

At a price at a measly £1, this is an regular sized burger that is roughly the same size as a pound-saver cheeseburger in McDonalds. Nevertheless to say that this is fairly disappointing, considering the fact that Munch Munch usually offers great value for money.

That same sense of a ‘pound-saver’ menu from McDonalds is a constant prevalent issue throughout the whole meal. The burger itself is very flat, similar to that of a McDonalds standard burger, with a light layer of chicken, salad and mayonnaise. However, the craft of the burger itself is well made, and you’ll probably get none of the issues you would get with a pound menu at McDonalds, with the mayonnaise, salad and chicken all of that of a high standard. It’s not surprising then that the burger itself whilst small, tastes pretty good.

The Chicken and Lamb burgers together. They're pretty small.

Whilst tasty, it’s really hard to consider the chicken burger as a real competitor to that of other burgers offered at Munch Munch because it’s so standard and pale compared to that of the Crunchy Munch Burger for example. The burger very much screames “Pound Saver Menu!” and in conclusion, it’s really hard to recommend this one stand-alone, but makes a fine companion for a meal.

As a wise man once said – “Without companionship even paradise would be boring.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 6/10

Stop! New announcement: New Layout of Reviews

Hello Munch dudes and Munch dudettes!

Starting from this week’s review, due to the meals now no longer being meals but that of single items (like one piece of chicken, or one burger) I will now be tackling two at a time. Weeks – eg this week is Week 19, will now be called Meal 19 and 20 respectively.  This means more reviews for you guys, and I can get through the commitment on target!

Thanks for reading once again. Now go eat some chicken!

Week Eighteen – Masala Fish, Fries and Drink

Cost – £3.50

Being brought up in a strict Asian family, fish was always a food source that I always somehow related to torture. Often father – the fisher of the family – would often bring home various fishes that he caught to eat for dinner. Nevertheless, the whole family was very much subjugated to eat fish. It’s not that I don’t dislike fish, but like chicken on the bone, I really dislike fish that still has bones in it. The idea of having to feed the bones out of the mouth is a concept that I truly hate. It’s probably where that perpetual dislike of anything on a bone came from. (insert a dirty joke here)

Nevertheless, once this meal loomed it’s fish face to me, I was naturally quite worried, but also intrigued. So far anything that hasn’t been chicken that I’ve eaten at Munch Munch hasn’t been very successful at all, and whilst I still partake in eating fish every once in a while, my traumatising childhood always makes me think of the worst of fish.

Many jokes were made on review night. “It’s bingo night!” one of my friend remarkes. He’s got a point though. Munch Munch haven’t got the best track record when it comes to anything but chicken, drinks and milkshakes. As the Munch Man prepared the food, a process on itself; taking nearly five minutes to prepare the food I thought – “is my life worth this?”

I was quite surprised to see the meal itself. The Masala fish follows Munch traditional standards being a very large setpiece, the actual fish itself spanning a whole takeaway box. Fries and drink are also included, along with cutlery, making this meal the first to ever feature cutlery. In terms of value, this meal is really unbeatable and took me a long time to go through.

Some exceptional value on display, standard for Munch Munch.

The Masala fish itself is a surprising take on the traditional standard cod, in which the outer breaded skin is filled with a prominent flavour of Masala with a standard cod taste in the middle. The actual cod minus the skin is very flat with really not much juice or flavour and also very dry, really once again highlighting the point that Munch Munch drinks are too small. However, the masala skin makes up for the cod’s shortcomings, really giving the whole package some definition, as the masala is of a top quality. The only let down to the skin is that the masala is slightly overbearing, removing much of the taste of the skin. As mentioned earlier, the actual fish is staggeringly huge, spanning nearly the whole size of the takeaway box.

I've never seen a fish quite this big...

The value for the fries is also no slouch either. Two-thirds of the box is taken by fries whilst another third is taken by salad. The salad is a nice welcome addition to the overall package, and really makes the whole meal feel like a classic restaurant as well. However the salad isn’t the greatest of quality, and tastes very similar to that of a takeaway kebab’s salad. A whole host of vegetables is included in the salad, including lettuce, tomato, cucumbers and onions.

The side salad is no slouch when it comes to quantity!

Overall this was a surprisingly pleasurable meal to consume. In terms of value it’s very much deserving of your hard earned cash as you are receiving a lot of food for the pound’s worth and with a bit of slight adjustments made by Munch Munch this meal could be a real winner. If you fancy something a bit different at Munch Munch that doesn’t involve chicken, then this bet has a high probability of being the meal that you should pick.

As a wise man once said – “If something amazes you, or impresses you greatly, it knocks your socks off.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 10/10