The end of Season 1 of the Munch Commitment!

(Originally posted May 2011)

Thanks for reading up to here fellow readers and bloggers!

Unfortunately exam season comes upon most of us students and therefore The Munch Commitment blog will be taken aside as I study for exams and try not to fail my first year (knowing me, it’ll happen). However, don’t worry – we’ll be back before you know it for SEASON 2 (next year should I not fail) and we’ll be bringing…..

  • More reviews!
  • More video content!
  • More features!
  • More pictures to go with the food (because now we’re using WordPress, I can do that)
  • And much, munch more!
See you guys again early October 2011 – I know it’s so long. Expect maybe some features during the summer should I find anything to write about. Have a great summer and I’ll see you soon!

Week Fourteen – Munchy 6 Nugget Meal

Cost – £3.20

This week’s blog probably signs the last of The Munch Commitment for this academic year as exam season and deadlines slowly looms upon us student humankind people. So without further ado, let’s talk about some chicken!

Today the Munchy six nugget meal is the chicken victim – and I could not be any more happier. I’m a huge fan of the chicken meals that you can just pick up and eat and love stuff like chicken dippers and even chicken dinosaurs. They are pretty much the equivalent of chicken pizzas, a food which I also love.

However, the six nugget meal is okay. It’s the exact same feeling I feel about the standard chicken pieces at Munch Munch, they are just very ordinary and a bit bland. They aren’t spicy at all, which is a bit odd considering even the normal pieces of chicken have some sort of spice. It’s all very underwhelming. Plus this and also the fact that the nuggets aren’t as soft as you think it’ll be and the overall texture of the nuggets are very dry and this makes a meal that isn’t really up to scratch in comparison to that of other meals at Munch Munch. This is not to say that the chicken tastes bad – it just tastes very average.

The value is fine as the nuggets are big enough to satisfy and they give you enough fries to accompany you with it. Because the nuggets are so dry it once again brings up the issue, drinks are just too small at Munch Munch. I would highly recommend to spray some condiments onto it to rectify the issue.

It's an okay meal...

Overall this is an okay meal. For me it was very unsatisfying as for a rule of thumb, really do like this style of meal. It shortfalls itself with it’s rough and dry texture and uninspired taste. There are much better things you can purchase at Munch Munch but that being said, you can buy worse as well. It’s all very average.

As a wise man once said – “Disappointment are to the soul what the thunder-storm is to the air.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 6/10

Feature – Credit Crunch? Get a £2 Munch!

In other news this week Munch Munch has new posters on their wall, advertising their value £2 ranges! Their new catchphrase is “Credit Crunch? Get a £2 Munch!” Like standard Munch Munch posters, these designs are very bright and really make it easy on the eyes to those who are looking at it, as well as making it stand out as soon as you walk into the store. Well done again Munch Munch design team! I would highly recommend all of these £2 meals. As a personal preference, I really feel that either the three strips and fries or the amazing chicken twista rap and fries are the best here. But that’s mainly because I don’t like chicken on the bone. So go for what you love in chicken!

Munch Munch gives a big middle finger to the credit crunch.

I was deeply honoured this week to talk to the manager of the Narborough Road branch of Munch Munch, commonly referred to as the Munch Man. He’s all you expect him to be, a charming man from the East with a dangerous, yet mysterious aroma surrounding him. In fact, I don’t know his name and I wouldn’t change that fact either. The name ‘Munch Man’ suits me fine.

We discussed various things, discussing the state of the chicken economy and chicken places that were around Leicester. He frowned upon a certain competitor across the road from Munch Munch also, and also said that even the different stores of Munch Munch are in competition with one another.

We also learnt news that Munch Munch is indeed a brand, and that the boss of Munch Munch wants to open a store in Kingston, at London – targeted for students of Kingston University (literally, those kids don’t even know what’s going to hit them). Apparently, however, rumours have it that the name will not be called Munch Munch, but instead “The Munch”, of course, adding the word “the” to add importance to the store – which I’m not doubting of course. Nevertheless, I would like to visit this place sometime, as I visit London on a regular basis. Hopefully we can get a feature written up about that once the store launches.

Hopefully next week I can ask him to introduce Garlic mayonnaise to Munch Munch, on which I still think is the only addition that Munch needs to be the true “chicken experience”. If I realise this dream, you’ll be the first to know on the blog.

Week Thirteen – Chicken Munch Dog, Fries & Drink

Cost – £3.20

This week signalled the end of the buckets, which in someways is the biggest relief. However, this means I’m back to reviewing standard meals, and the Munch Chicken Dog is a disappointing start to this.

The Munch Dog is definitely not a choice I think a lot of people going into Munch actually eat. For all the time I spend in that store, it was the first time I’ve ever seen a hot dog there and many of the amazing people that join me for Munch on a Tuesday evening never order a hot dog. When ordering the Hot Dog itself, I was allowed to ask for two different sauces to be squirted into the bun and the chicken dog itself, in which I went for the safe but classic option of Tomato Ketchup and Mustard. Nevertheless to say, I was quite excited to be one, if not, the first person to order a Munch Dog in our group. The prospect of a chicken dog by Munch Munch was rather exciting, and one of the things I love about our favourite takeaway is that strange combinations seems to work, with things such as the Mango milkshake being one of my favourite milkshakes at Munch. I was rather excited when they first presented me with the Munch Chicken Dog, as fries were just sticking out of the box, giving a strong initial impression that there was a lot of food inside.

The scene before opening.

As I opened it I was greeted by an underwhelming amount of fries and a dog. Usually, in normal takeaways this would be quite a lot of food but for Munch Munch this was disappointingly a small amount for the takeaway.

The inside of the Munch Dog.

This sense of disappointment would hang over my head as the meal went on. As I went to check the hot dog itself, I was slightly surprised that it wasn’t a chicken dog but just an ordinary sausage dog, which already in itself was false advertising. This could be accounted to the fact that they never expected anyone to actually buy this meal, in which that case half of me thinks “yep, it’s probably because this meal is not good enough” whilst the other half feels that it’s just unacceptable.

I was further disappointed when I went to pick up the dog, because the ketchup and the mustard had thoroughly seeped into the bun itself, the bun nearly fell apart in half as I went to pick it up, creating a lot of mess not just for my hands, but the actual food itself as sauces and sausages went everywhere. For me personally, if food has created loads of mess on my hands before eating are, chances are I don’t want to eat it afterwards. It’s an absolutely soggy mess.

Not a pretty sight.

However, the Munch Commitment train never stops, as I attempted to plough through the mess that was my hot dog. The taste itself tasted like an ordinary hot dog that you’d make whilst at home if you had a terrible hangover – just sticking a sausage between two buns and slapping some condiments on it. It was sloppy, with no care or artistic value given to the hot dog itself, unlike it’s counterparts that you can buy at Munch Munch. Just so, so disappointing in every aspect.

This leads me on to my next point. With many fantastic and better meals (such as the last twelve weeks of meals that have been reviewed) at Munch Munch why would you settle for this? The Munch Dog in terms of value, comes in at about £3.20, which can buy you many meals at Munch Munch, in which can give you a great taste, the ‘new chicken experience’. I would not recommend this and I was still left hungry after the meal, due to the lack of food that was in the box. This is truly the first time I have ever been disappointed when visiting Munch Munch, a brand on which I usually associate excellence with. Avoid like the black plague.

As a wise man once said – “Disappointment is often the salt of life.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 3/10

This guy would be really disappointed about this meal.

Week Twelve – Family Munch

Cost – £13.99

In this week’s blog post of the Munch Commitment I was delightfully joined by so many people, and could not be happier to be joined by ten amazing wild, hot chicken eating stallions themselves. If it’s one thing I have learnt, is that Munch Munch really does bring family and friends together. After the meal I interviewed Tom C, who described it as a “great group experience” and to be honest, I could not put it in better words myself.

In comparison to weeks 10 and 11 meals (the Bargain and Variety buckets, respectively) this bucket is pretty much the same meals that you get from the two buckets, this includes the standard 1.5ltr bottle of Pepsi, wings, pieces of chicken, strips and fries – but more of this. The family bucket comes with a staggering amount of chicken – in fact this would be the standard part of the blog where I write about how much chicken and fries there are included but guess what, I totally forgot. For all purposes in this review I will say that there was a “fuck load of chicken” (with fuck load being the measurement). The standard Yumchi bucket/box in which the chicken was crammed into was a heavy box also, which meant that only a god-like amount of chicken was inside. Nevertheless, Munch Munch once again delivers on the value side, with an stupid (the good stupid) amount of chicken and fries that between ten people, only cost about £1.50 each.

Opening the Munch

In terms of taste, it is also similar to that of weeks 10 and 11. Munch Munch never fail to deliver regarding the taste, with sweet, delectable chicken, sexy thin fries and strips which are watery to the eyes, the mouth and other explicit areas of the human anatomy. The reason why I write about this meal in such happiness and detail is because I feel that with the family bucket, it is best experienced with friends, family or loved ones, and this gourmet highly recommends eating the family bucket with the people you love. With this love comes an orgasm of taste, which I feel can only be ultimately unleashed due to the power of the family bucket. Don’t worry if you feel like you can’t get anyone to join you in a Family Bucket meal, as people will come to you as you purchase the meal, as the gold crisp outside skin of the chicken will lighten up your day.

Munch Man collecting the change - look at those heavenly hands!

When looking back at this meal, I really can only give it one rating – which is exclusive to the best meals I’ve had at the exotic takeaway that is Munch Munch. Bring your friends and family and revel in the joy that is the Family Bucket at Munch Munch. There is no other feeling in this world, and mere words written by mortals such as I can never explain this inner zen that the Family Bucket brings to the people that eat it around you. In fact, I would go as far to describe that this is how the last supper felt.

I was fortunate enough to interview some of the amazing guests we had this week after the meal – here are what some of the guests had to say describing it.

Gary K – “I was deeply impressed, and glad to be part of the family. It’s still not as good as Maryland though.”

Adam C – “Very tasty and a great social experience. Better then that Maryland Chicken place, which makes has the awful rancid aftertaste like a night with a hooker”

Laurie T, son of Lecturer Tutton – “Good. Yeah. That’ll do.”

Ross L, who often gets confused as the curator of the blog – “Bloody lovely”

Pro gamer and lecturer Tom C – “Quite enjoyable, I can’t think of anything negative on the top of my head. A great group experience, could have used with some popcorn in it though.”

Birch, sexiest man of Leicester – “Chicken good, spelt chicken gooooooood”
Paul Sampson – “There are no words to describe this meal.”

Emily C – “There was no popcorn chicken. POPCORN CHICKEN”

So there you have it! Ultimately, positive feedback regarding the Family Bucket from, well the family themselves! However, for this feeble gourmet, I give it a……

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 10/10

As a wise man once said – “Go home and be a family man.”

The Aftermath

Laurie, son of lecturer Tutton in the can! I can smell his poo....

Video Feature – Birch eating the Variety Munch

As promised in the review, here is a 30 minute clip split into three parts of Birch eating through at least 3/4 of the Variety Bucket. How will it fare for our brave young Munch Munch warrior? Find out by watching the videos below!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Week Eleven – Variety Munch

Cost – £11.99

As Luke said on the rap battle posted earlier two weeks ago – if I want a nice lunch I’ll go to Munch. If you were to buy the Variety Munch for lunch you’d probably be very full. Counting as Munch Munch’s buckets, the Variety Munch is a large meal that comes with eight pieces of chicken, 4 hot wings, 3 strips, 3 fries and 1 litre bottle of drink, which usually defaults to as Pepsi at Munch Munch.

I was gladly accompanied by Alan, health and safety officer of the Demon Gamers Society for this meal who very much put the words for his own health and safety on the line, because for £11.99 this is a lot of chicken for two people. In fact, it was so much that we caught Munch Munch off guard and the Munch man was forced to bring us the meal in rounds as they prepared the chicken. There is a lot here.

Very much following the trend of previous meals at Munch Munch, the Variety Munch is an expansion to that of the Bargain Munch but for an extra £3 you’ll be receiving two extra standard chicken and 3 extra strips. If we consider the fact that an extra three strips costs around £1 if bought separately and 70p for an extra piece of chicken (if following previous menu’s differences) we see that this would bump up the price by £2.40. However, the difference here is £3 so I feel that the Variety Munch here is shortchanging us, the end consumer ever so slightly.

However, this does not detract from the fact that this meal tastes great. It’s super nice and very much like the Bargain Munch, is presented in a chinese like takeaway box. The chicken was very hot and nice and there’s a great blend of flavours going on within the box from the ordinary chicken to the hot wings and does live up to it’s name – the ‘Variety’ Munch. There’s a lot of it too and once again if you have a group of at least four then this will be absolutely perfect and splitting the cost between four (about £3) makes for a great value and great taste. In fact, it was so much food between me and Birch that he was eating chicken for three hours! However, I really feel that if you want the “whole new experience” at Munch Munch, then you’re probably better off purchasing the Bargain Munch and then adding cheap value sidemenus to your order as once again, the ordinary chicken lets down the menu. This gives a bit more flexibility to what you want from the dish – for example adding milkshakes, a wrap or extra strips – and it being more pleasant for you and cheaper also depending on how overboard (or not) you go. The Variety Bucket I feel is the only bucket that whilst offers good value, does shortchange the consumer a bit and can be changed by buying a bargain bucket and adding extras from there.

As a wise lady once said – “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

Extras such as milkshakes are well worth purchasing.

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a Value Score of 7/10

PS – Remember to check out Birch’s video of him eating this meal for nearly three hours (condensed to 30 mins, fortunately.)

Week Ten – Bargain Munch

Cost – £7.99

This blog post marks the tenth week of the Munch Commitment, the tenth anniversary as such. To be honest, it’s felt like a decade since I began this adventure to try out every meal from the Munch Commitment, and it’s been an absolute pleasure to write this blog for so long, if not a bit tiring! So without further adieu, let’s talk about week 10’s meal – the Bargain Munch.

This is the first time the blog has gone to the more ‘family orientated meals’ – where meals are no longer possible to eat unless with multiple people due to the amount of chicken in front of you. I was fortunate enough to be joined by two special guests to share this chicken ordeal with me this week, curator of the blog idea Ayden and pro-gamer Tom C. As we ordered the bucket, we had no idea regarding the amount of food we would be receiving this week, it was uncharted territory for us. Unfortunately, the Munch Man had kindly informed us that there was not enough chicken to create the bucket, so he would add extra strips instead to replace the chicken, so in that sense you could consider this review not ‘vanilla’, in that case yeah you’re probably right, but the strips are so much more pleasant then the chicken on the bone. (however, this is down to personal taste)

Presentation-wise, the ‘bucket’ itself kind of looks like a Chinese takeaway box, but a bigger version of that. When opening the box itself, we were greeted with a whiff of sweet, smelling chicken followed by awe of the amount of chicken inside the Chinese-style box. Unlike other fastfood restaurants, Munch Munch once again does not disappoint once again in terms of value as the box itself was filled nearly to the top, filled with chicken goodness. The amount of chicken here for £8 is truly staggering, and between the three of us we struggled to finish the bucket. Anyway, that guy took the rest of the un-eaten chicken home. In terms of value a full score will be given for value, a fantastic amount for three people.

The monster at hand.

However the taste of the chicken comes down to the fact if you like the pieces of chicken in Munch Munch. As said in earlier weeks when reviewing pieces of chicken at Munch Munch, I always find the pieces of chicken are the weakest part of Munch Munch, I would much prefer the burgers or strips that Munch has to offer. In terms of reviewing the chicken again however this week, if you didn’t like the normal pieces of chicken from meals/weeks 5-7 then chances are you probably won’t like this. However, if you want a dick load of chicken that still tastes relatively great – definitely on par to other places such as KFC then this meal will not disappoint as there is a lot to eat. As mentioned earlier there were not enough pieces of chicken to accommodate the bucket, so we got strips as a replacement instead, holy shit those strips are amazing and I cannot wait to review them when we reach the strips. Here’s a mini review – spicy, hot and filling 10/10. On top of this you get three bags of fries which are standard Munch fries as well as a litre of Pepsi, in which they also give you cups also, which I applaud Munch Munch for great customer service.

There is a crazy amount of food here and is well recommended if you and some friends are ridiculously hungry. Between the three of us it cost us about £2.50 each – and we were totally full after the meal. In terms of value, it’s unbeatable and considering the average cost of a meal at Munch Munch is about £3 it could be much cheaper to you, the customer to buy a bucket and sharing it instead. It truly lives up to it’s name and is a bargain. The chicken itself tastes great, and I think it says a lot that the chicken on the bone is on-par with other fast food competitors such as KFC and does not explore the possibility of Munch Munch’s tagline “a whole new chicken experience” which the burgers and strips at Munch Munch do.

As a wise man once said – “Quality without quantity is little thought of.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a value score of 10/10

Week Nine – 3 Pieces of Chicken, 2 Wings & 1 Strip Meal

Cost – £4.19

Like many other menu’s reviewed so far on the Munch Commitment today we see a slight alteration of a existing menu. Week 9’s menu, the ‘number 9’ is a slight alteration of that of week 8’s menu, on where instead of two pieces of chicken, week 9 offers an additional piece of chicken for 70p. For a more indepth look at the chicken, wings and the strip you should probably look at Week 8’s review, and then look below afterwards.

Very much like Week 8’s review, the week 9 is a pleasure to eat and tastes great – the wings and the strips adding a great variety to the dish. This dish is also no joke when it comes to value, being the most expensive dish so far it lives up to that expectation and the meal itself is a very large meal and will fill you up very easily. In fact, the standard box that Munch Munch chicken usually also comes in is almost filled to the brim.

Filled to the brim.

I really feel that if you are a fan of chicken on the bone, then my total review score should not matter whatsoever – you will love this. As stated in earlier reviews, I’m not a fan of chicken on the bone so I feel that this dish is not catered to me. It’s super tasty chicken and especially for this dish, gives a perfect variety to the standard chicken on where you are receiving three pieces, two hot wings and one strip meal. I really feel that if Munch Munch were to add a slight hint of the ‘whole new chicken experience’ to the ordinary piece of chicken this would climb this dish to perfection. Alas, the chicken I feel really lets the whole dish down and much like last week’s review, the wings and the strips are really great.

As it stands, this is a dish with great tasting chicken, and is a very large meal. For £4.19, you’re really getting a good conversation rate from the Great British Sterling to chicken – and if you’re a fan of chicken on the bone – then this dish is going to be heaven for you. However for me, I feel the standard chicken on the bone lets it down, ever so slightly. I feel that this dish would have benefited by allocating the extra piece of chicken to the strip instead.

As a wise man once said – “A different man, a different taste.”

Rating out of MUNCH MUNCH



With a Value Score of 10/10